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Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King Jr. for his activism. He is also a poet and writer, and some of his works have been bestsellers around the world. Although he is undoubtedly best known for bringing the practice of ‘mindfulness’ to the West and founding many centers dedicated to this technique.
The brother of director Max Pugh joined Plum Village in 2008 as a monk. Later, in 2011, he and several of his brothers asked Pugh to document their experience, for which he presented the project to his friend Marc J. Francis, who agreed to make it and co-direct it.

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“We have more possibilities in every moment than we think,” said Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. This possibility is offered to us by mindfulness, which, like walking meditation, is part of the philosophy that this Vietnamese pacifist, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and author of more than a hundred books, continues to spread around the world.
Savoring each stepThe pact to continue meditating on foot and in procession after the monks to the Quevedo traffic circle was fulfilled without murmurs, with parsimony.who more or less tried to fulfill the precepts of “Thay” – so they call him – and slowly savor each step. “Not easy” for Adela, an early retiree, for whom “the road unites energies” and who hopes that acts like this “serve to achieve peace one day”.

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The documentary shows us the life of the monks in the Monastery – Sangha of Plum Village, founded in France by the master Thich Nhat Hanh or “Thay,” as his students call him, which means Master, and we see the rules that the new monks who join the community abide by.
It is pure honey to see how these extraordinary beings live and coexist as practitioners of “Mindfulness” or the practice of awareness of the present moment, so necessary in a society that urges each of the individuals who make it up to become aware of themselves, release the autopilot and begin to take control of their lives from that place that is pure peace, love and truth.
And because installed in that “Peace” that is our true “Being”, looking for wealth, fulfillment, wellbeing and love outside ourselves, completely loses its meaning and interest. It is not an easy path to renounce what produces suffering because it comes with the beautiful form of a gift wrapped in a flashy paper of desires and pleasure. It must be very clear to us that this beautiful wrapping hides potential suffering, or having had enough of suffering, or both at the same time.

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Agent Cooper makes the reverse journey to the one that Jeffrey Beaumont undergoes in ‘Blue Velvet’. Jeffrey went from innocence to moral corruption, while Cooper, a city animal, falls in love with the bucolic place where a young girl appears floating, wrapped in a plastic bag, and somehow becomes a sort of guardian of the honor and pain of that town. Cooper shines among all the other characters in the series (many of them great dramatic creations) as being a genius mix of wacky Sherlock Holmes and charming shaman. His dialogue and scenes are often the best. If Laura Palmer (as an elusive presence) is the soul of the story, Cooper is its heart.
Six episodes directed by David Lynch, some of them masterful, and which prolong and enrich his style. But although they are not directed by him, in the rest of the episodes you can trace his style, his talent for the dreamlike and the tragic, his taste for irony and eroticism, his unleashed romanticism and lyricism. Thirty episodes that were followed around the world, at first with fervor, then with perplexity. Lynch refused to end his series as everyone expected and focused on the characters, forgetting the suspense. He had to close it by explaining who killed Laura Palmer, much to his regret.

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