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Practicing lawyer: online and in-person classes at the highest levelMadridLaw: Civil Law, Labor Law, Criminal Law, Commercial LawHighlighted adPracticing lawyer – I give private in-person classes: in my studio: VIP SPACE in front of the Madrid Courts (99)9100
Group and individual tennis lessons for all levelsMadridTennisThe tennis club montes de quijorna is a federated entity attached to the tennis federation of madrid and the royal tennis federation of…(2)8100
Singing: face to face classes from 14.09 from €50 per month. also onlineMadridSingingHighlighted adSinging lessons for ADULTS and teenagers. OPEN YOUR VOICE AND START SINGING for real! MODERN SINGING of pop, jazz, jazz, m…(23)9100
I offer my help to overcome subjects that resist you. I chose the branch of social sciences in baccalaureate (geography, economics and applied mathematics). I have advanced knowledge of French as I did the baccalaureate in this language (bachibac) and MadridFrenchI offer my help to overcome subjects that resist you. I chose the branch of social sciences in baccalaureate (geo…

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03Live new experiencesThe incredible Student Pass gives you unlimited access to all teachers, coaches and masterclasses in Las Rozas de Madrid or remotely for 1 month. A whole month to discover new passions with fabulous people.
Teacher in Las Rozas de MadridWell, what can we say about a teacher who knows more than a sage and who uses logic and a study methodology based on dynamic and constructive learning to understand and deepen the subject.
In case you have a problem with a teacher or a class, our customer service is available to help you and find a solution as soon as possible (by phone or email from Monday to Friday).

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Right now no one wants to hear about home tutoring or face-to-face education. Since the coronavirus impacted our lives and the contagions put us in danger, contact has been reduced to a minimum. Madrid, specifically, has been one of the provinces that has suffered the most. However, we cannot allow the virus to control our lives. Face-to-face classes can and should be done.
Private classes are a good way to keep up with the study pace of academic centers which, as we have recently experienced, tend to increase the workload. Therefore, looking for home tuition in Madrid can be a great incentive for you to perform in your studies.
Being a provincial capital, there is a huge offer of teachers ready to give you the best class and advise you in everything you need. School support, mathematics, English? Whatever subject you are looking for, you will find it.
Finding private teachers at home in Madrid has a double advantage: firstly, you have the teacher to yourself, and secondly, you have all the inputs that gives the face-to-face format.    If this is not enough for you, this modality also has other benefits. We will quickly summarize them for you:

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Pablo Suárez, general manager of IPROFF.ES, an online agency, but with on-site classes, confirms this impression: “Parents are part of a generation that did receive a good education, one of the first in this country, and therefore they also want to leave it as an inheritance to their children, even if they deprive themselves of other needs”.
And the fact is that, as stores have closed, the network has been gaining prominence, until it has become the channel of access to the market. Without fixed costs for infrastructure, services or payroll, it is much easier to survive in this price-predatory jungle.
“The private tutoring companies that had premises, many franchises, have closed down by up to 80%, they have not been able to survive because they were more expensive and with the black market booming, they were doomed,” says Pablo Suarez, whose portal sends teachers to almost 300 homes in Madrid.
To enroll in a ‘virtual classroom’ it is necessary to open an account on the platform and choose the subject and timetable required, thanks to a proprietary software program that does not have to be downloaded. In the case of Etueri.com, the interested party will be sent a list of the 120 available teachers from which they can choose and reserve a place with the selected one. Zhenaro specifies that he also communicates with the student to identify his weakest points.