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The objective of this Procedure is to allow workers to officially accredit those professional competences they have acquired outside the formal learning systems so that they can have their professional qualification recognized regardless of the way it has been acquired.
The Procedure of Accreditation and Evaluation of Professional Competences is a system based on three phases: assessment, evaluation and accreditation, which are developed in a flexible and personalized way according to the needs of both active and unemployed workers.

national catalogue of professional qualifications

These areas of action frame the main actions developed by the IACP, to which should be added the attention to stakeholders, for the elaboration of reports, statistics, etc.
All this is carried out under certain values, among which stand out quality, effectiveness, efficiency, respect and trust in people, teamwork and attention to the opinions and expectations of the recipients of our work.
Through these values, the Andalusian Institute of Professional Qualifications aspires to be socially recognized for the high level of quality in its management. To this end, it has a Quality Management System certified by AENOR in accordance with ISO 9001 and a Charter of Services that favor the measurement, analysis and proposals for continuous improvement for all activities carried out.

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The SAE technician, Lola Mateo, explains the procedure for accreditation of professional competences, in the plenary hall of the City Council of Tomares. (2015) From the Local Development Agency we include on this page all the information you need to know about the process of Accreditation of Professional Competences.
The skills to be accredited and the requirements for this are different for each call, so it is recommended to be aware of each of the calls that are published. Currently, the 2nd call for 2017 is in progress, in its final phase and, at the moment, there is no record of any other call for 2018. We will update this information.

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The Andalusian Institute of Professional Qualifications has the mission to establish a System of Professional Qualifications in Andalusia, which integrates the Regulated, Occupational and Continuous Vocational Training, with quality criteria and commitment to continuous improvement.
The Andalusian Institute of Professional Qualifications acts as a technical instrument to promote the implementation of the Andalusian Vocational Training Plan and promotes the integration measures of the Vocational Training subsystems and responds to the need to establish the qualification levels and the development of the professional competences that must be achieved in the different fields of the productive activity, as well as the recognition and validation of the professional qualifications.