Free yoga by oysho

Free yoga by oysho 2016 madrid

For the first time, the yoga masterclass organized by Free Yoga Masterclass with the sponsorship of Oysho in Madrid was held in Paseo del Prado instead of Plaza Mayor. In a way the event loses that special charm, but in exchange we were much more comfortable and had more space.
The event was held on Sunday, October 8 and was attended by more than 3,000 people completely free of charge. There was a bit of uncontrolled queue formation and access to the venue, which was quite late and also caused the class to start later.
A detail that I love about this event is that they always leave a few minutes of reflection dedicated to the rejection of violence in general and, more specifically, gender violence. We must not forget that yoga is a practice of love, peace and union and that there is no point in “writhing” on the mat if we do not apply its philosophy in our daily lives.

Free yoga by oysho madrid 2018

The advantages of practicing this variant of yoga are many, among which stand out the reduction of stress and the favoring of mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Tickets to participate in this sporting event began to be distributed in early May. This meeting has also had the organization and support of FreeYoga and the City of Madrid to make possible a masterclass in which 3,000 people participated.
The Plaza Mayor of Madrid has been flooded with pink with the official mats and T-shirts of this meeting. It doesn’t matter if you have never practiced this sport, the volunteers and professionals of the event helped you to get in shape safely.
All participants were able to enjoy exercises performed by yoga professionals in the center of Madrid to find the balance and relaxation we need with the stress of everyday life.

Free yoga by oysho | barcelona 2015

First the yoga masterclass with Xuan and Vanessa, and then a special Yoga class for runners! and that was the part that especially suited us #mamisrunners and the truth, that many of the “asanas” (yoga postures) I will adopt them in my stretching routines, as I thought they were great! in my case I also have a lot of elasticity, and sometimes it is not so easy to feel that I stretch well!
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Free yoga by oysho barcelona 2017 – master class

And the class began!  I really liked it, and I think yoga is a discipline that if we all did it, the world would be a little better and we would leave aside the stress that produces the day to day of our lives.
The teachers in charge were teachers from the Urban Yoga center and one of them in particular Xuan Lan author of the book ‘My yoga diary’. The class was fantastic at certain moments funny because you were sticking all your knees on the floor despite the mat and because extending your arms was an overrated concept but still, our experience was very good and we had a great time.
In addition to the experience, you get a few gifts: Oysho t-shirt, backpack, bracelet and mat as well as other cute things, also magazines, yogurts and juices Solan de Cabras that I love.