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A perfect place to discover and deepen the practice of yoga with classes, workshops and trainings in different styles. A space for the practice of Yoga in the center of Bilbao. Where you will have the opportunity to connect body, mind and soul through breath, movement and feeling.
The range of yoga styles that we offer in Bamboo Yoga Bilbao range from the most basic for beginners in yoga, to the most advanced such as Hot Yoga, Aerial Yoga for more experienced practitioners.
In the practice of Aerial Yoga we use as a main tool the yoga swing or hammock with which we will work to improve and access yoga postures in a different way. We work on flexibility, strength, breathing and relaxation. We also work the inverted ones in a safe way and maintain them without much physical effort.

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I am an integral yoga teacher trainer [aby argentina]. i am also a pranayama instructor. i did a training in varjayana buddhism. i have 3 levels of reiki. i teach regular yogic classes.
02Organize your private yoga classes in BilbaoTalk to your yoga teacher to tell him/her about your needs and your availability. Schedule your yoga classes and pay for them securely from your email. Practicing yoga in Bilbao has never been so easy.
03Live new experiences and open your chakrasThe incredible “Student Pass” gives you unlimited access to all Yoga teachers, coaches and courses in Bilbao, in other cities or remotely for 1 month. A whole month to discover new passions with fabulous people.
You’ve probably already heard about the benefits of yoga which, if practiced regularly, can improve both your mental and physical state – it’s clear that practicing yoga is an excellent way to increase your vitality and relieve stress!  You will see how naturally you will be able to do yoga several days a week. Are you ready to start your classes either in person or online?

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Pilates is a method that develops mental control of the body, breathing and movement precision. It focuses on developing the deep musculature to give stability and firmness to the spine and maintain the balance of the body.
Yoga is a tool to deal with the routine and the physical and emotional problems of day to day life, it is an important element of prevention, recovery and strengthening in our lives and scientific evidence is increasingly pointing this out.
It is important that you get to know the center, see how you feel in relation to the location of our clinic, how you feel in the group with which you will share the activities and also if you like our approach to the classes. You can choose a single class to get to know all this.
It is a pilates focused on the common ailments of the western world to obtain improvements in the quality of life. Bad postural habits of daily activity are a very relevant cause of back pain. Awareness and awakening in time to prevent and detect bad positions for a more harmonious life.

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Aguamarina, one of the yoga centers in Bilbao that we want you to know about, is located on Luzarra street in Bilbao, near Deusto subway station. It is a center for personal development with natural therapies where you can practice a wide variety of activities that will help you achieve your goals: from yoga, pilates, or meditation, to less known disciplines such as yoguilates or biodance. They also offer a complete list of therapies, including couching, reiki, flower essences, therapeutic tarot or hot stone massage, among many others.
Osasun Eskola is a yoga center in Bilbao and was created by a great team of professionals linked to health and emotional well-being. Aiming to train efficient and qualified people, they offer courses in yoga, professional massage, sports massage, reflexology, neuromuscular bandages, functional bandages, practical aesthetics, balneotherapy, acupuncture, reiki, rebirthing, relaxation, etc.