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beingone forum madrid

Being One Forum was founded by Antonio Moll in 2016. The event was held in Leganés (Madrid) on May 12, 13 and 14, 2017, bringing together for the first time in Europe 16 national and international best-sellers of recognized impact and prestige in the field of human development in the world.
Despite misinformation by some media, the event was held in its entirety without major setback or incident. Being One made history under the testimony and witness of thousands of people who came from 15 different countries.
Being One Forum is the largest personal and spiritual growth event ever known. More than twelve spiritual leaders and international best-selling authors gathered for the first time to talk about science and spirituality. Being One Forum will go down in history as one of the biggest human awakening events in living memory. For three days, thousands of people from all over the world gathered in Madrid to experience personal growth and spirituality in its purest form.

my testimony of being one. personal growth event

Among about 10 people (on the street queuing up) I distinguish astonished one of the star speakers of the day, Robin Sharma, who tells me that he doesn’t know anything either and that he has approached us to make himself available to us. The first claims of fraud are heard. In networks other speakers state that they have no official information, but that “it seems” that the event has been suspended. Some people are leaving.
Then, in the upper structure of the square, Antonio Moll comes out. Before the shouts of “come down and show your face” he says that the police do not let him. Also that (there are videos of his intervention) “he has nothing”. Incredulous, we hear that “he has asked his mother for a transfer and that since we are all there, if we want the event to take place”.
The responses are polarized. One group asks for it to be done in the street, others demand explanations and their money but the majority says yes. Then he confesses that the doors could not be opened because security had not been paid and that 80,000 EUROS are needed. He asks for donations. The reactions are opposite: there are those who want to pay and there are those who go to court to file a complaint. I decide to stay but without paying such nonsense. I see some boxes for “donations” at the entrance.

antoniomoll en

I deeply regret that most of the media echoed the organizational chaos, something that was true, and that was due to the economic difficulty to organize events in our country, as a result of the economic crisis.
To be able to listen and feel the presence of authors of the stature of Neil Donald Walsch (Conversations with God), Gregg Braden (The Divine Matrix), Mabel Katz (The Easiest Way), Moojo (Before I Am), Sergi Torres, Alicia Sanchez, and many others, was something wonderful.
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